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introducing: the ULHmobile and ulhgo

Following the success of the first Ultimate Lens Hood Kickstarter campaign back in 2018, I’m back in 2019 to offer two highly requested new products!

For your smartphone, the ULHmobile. Featuring a removable ABS-plastic clip, the ULHmobile will simply slide over any phone (with or without case) and let you take stunning reflection-free photos, videos and time lapses through glass with absolutely no reflection.

For DSLR/Mirrorless users that like to travel, the ULHgo. The ‘medium’ hood in the range, the ULHgo has a 50mm opening and will stretch to fit over lenses with 49-82mm filter threads - designed to fit over ‘every lens in your bag’. This fills the gap in between the original ULH models and its overall smaller size compared to the original makes it much better suited for time-lapse usage and anyone looking for a lightweight setup for travelling.

Both new models come with an anti-static coating and recyclable Kraft-paper packaging to protect them in transit.

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