Take reflection-free photos, videos and time-lapses through glass.


The Ultimate Lens Hood (ULH for short!) is an incredibly versatile collapsing silicone cone that will stretch to fit any DSLR, Mirrorless, M43 or Bridge camera lens.

Gone are the days of struggling to take photos through windows without catching that reflection that ruins the image!

For smaller digital cameras, mobile users and Moment/Lemuro lens photographers, the ULHmini is the perfect glare-free partner.


two sizes, every lens covered.

The original ULH was developed for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. It will stretch fit any lens with a 60mm barrel diameter or more!

For any lens diameter smaller than 60mm, the ULHmini is the one to go for. Developed specifically for Moment and Lemuro lenses, the ULHmini stretches from 30mm up to 60mm and is perfect for smaller point and shoot cameras too.


Super Stretchy.

Shown here stretched over the 115mm diameter hood from the Canon 100-400 lens, the ULH will stretch even further (currently being tested on Canon 200mm F2.0 - beast.)

Being so flexible, it is also extremely compressible. Perfect for wedging in your camera bag to add extra protection to your kit, or even wrapping around a spare lens to carry in a regular backpack. 


protection from the elements.

Stretch the ULH on in reverse to protect your camera from the worst that nature can throw at it!

Tested with water, snow, mud, sand, dirt, dust and even frying pan fat - the Ultimate Lens Hood has you covered without the need for bulky, fiddly or expensive additional accessories!



the changing pad.

An unplanned but extremely handy usage for the Ultimate Lens Hood is to throw it down on rough surfaces to protect you're camera from scratches.

You can use it to stop lenses rolling away on flat surfaces have it as a clean and stable place to change lenses when out and about on a shoot. 








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