Our Story

Ultimate Lens Hood 2.0

Funded on Kickstarter in 2018, the Ultimate Lens Hood is in use by thousands of photographers and enthusiasts all over the world. In 2019 we returned to kickstarter to launch the highly requested ulhgo and ulhmobile.

Josh Smith - CEO / Founder

The idea for the ULH was born from a trip to Japan back in 2015. Back then I was a snowboard instructor, and was lucky enough to travel from the UK to Japan for the best winter season of my life. Before getting started I spent a few days exploring Tokyo, and almost all of my photos from inside the many observation decks/towers turned out rubbish. [fully crap]

Wishing You All a Life Full of Health & Happiness!

By day, the issue was the suns glare bouncing off the glass, and at night it was reflection from interior lights that transformed all the windows into mirrors. I could see everyone around me was struggling with the same problem, and I bet if you're still reading this far into the campaign then you've also had your fair share of these issues too!


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